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We're in the business of developing local media products for businesses and organizations with a heavy emphasis on live local broadcasting, short-form video, film and commercial production. We believe in the power of hyperlocal brands, and we can help you create, promote and develop yours.

You may have already heard of us; We're the folks behind Halifax based, the city's number one social media news source.



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The Internet is great and all, but...

There's no doubt about it, the net has helped us make our world a lot smaller.  We can connect with people from all over the world faster than ever before.
And throughout all of this globalization and long-distance communication we often overlook what our local area has to offer. It's great that we can keep our fingers on the pulse of world events, but haven't you ever wondered when someone is going to finally change that burned out street light down the street? How about a good place to get a burger and fries? A place in your neighborhood to volunteer your time?
We did.  And we think a lot of other people have too.  Our focus is local and our mission is very simple: Build tools and services to connect local people with local things.  That's it, that's all.   Our team is comprised of producers, writers, directors and technical experts with a wealth of experience and passion for building local content.
We provide consulting services to local businesses and organizations looking to provide better support and reach to viewers and customers in the Halifax area. 
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